Honest Company

With this baby I’ve went a different route with diapers.  I used cloth the majority of the time with both Lorien and Rohan, and with Brianna from about 15 months old.  I tried them with this baby at around 3 weeks, and he hated them.  Granted, he was going through a (thankfully short) very grumpy colicky stage.  But the minute they got wet he would cry.  So, I looked around for a healthier version of disposable diapers.   We gave honest diapers a try and loved them, so I ordered from the monthly bundle.




There are many many coupon codes floating around for your first monthly order.  I got this first bundle for $45.  That was for 6 packs of diapers, and 4 packs of wipes.  That was an amazing deal.   The diapers worked great.   We had been using pampers swaddlers. They aren’t the same soft feel of the swaddlers, but they work just as well, and are so stinking cute.  They however, do not work as well for overnight.  If you have a baby that wakes more during the night and gets changed, they’d be fine, but I have been using a swaddlers overnight for now because they usually hold.  He sleeps for a minimum of 5 hours, wakes just to eat, then sleeps for 3 more so he needs a good overnight diaper.   Honest starts making overnight diapers in a size 3 and we actually will try those this week so I’ll give feed back on those later.


We liked the diapers well enough to place another order the next month. I added in the household cleaners the next month as well.



Some of their household cleaners and personal products are all organic, but not all are fully organic so if that’s super important to you be sure to check.  I’m in love with the cleaners. They work very very well.  Far better than other natural brands we have tried.  We’ve also been using their shampoos, hand soaps, diaper rash cream, etc..


You can change your delivery date.  It’s set to automatically reship every 4 weeks.  However, if you need diapers sooner or later, it’s very easy to change the ship date.  With us using the swaddlers at night the diapers last us longer than 4 weeks, so I had 6 weeks between my last shipments.  I’m thinking next month will be the same.  It’s also easy to do half of one size and half of another.  We are closing in on size 3 so I have have size 2 and half size 3’s in this months shipment.

I like how well all of the products work, but my favorite things about the service are the cutness factor, and the ease of shopping.  I can easily change the size, prints, etc.. and have it delivered to my door.  Then I’m well stocked for a month.  So simple!


If anyone is interested, if you use my referral code I’ll get a credit towards my next months order. 🙂



Since I’ve posted last, we had a baby! 🙂   He was born July 7th and is just adorable. 🙂  I’ll post his birth story after the pictures so skip that if you don’t like that sort of thing! 🙂



This pregnancy I haven’t known if my due date was July 8th or the 15th. After he arrived the midwives were pretty sure it was the 8th. So one day early. Before I went to bed that night I noticed yet more contractions. However, I’ve had them for weeks so only thought they might be different because I felt them in my back, unlike the usual prodromal labor. I had found out at my appointment that day he was posterior so expected that during labor. However, I only timed 2 before I decided to just go to bed because they weren’t very strong.
At 1:00 almost exactly I woke from a dream that I was having a contraction.. to a contraction lol. At least I thought that’s what it was. The first one’s I only felt in my back.. not in my abdomen at all so I second guessed them for a bit. But they were coming in obvious waves so I started timing them at 1:06. They were coming every 4 minutes and lasting between 50 seconds to a bit over a minute. I laid in bed and timed them for about 20 minutes, then got up to see if there was any discharge. A tiny bit more than usual but not much. So I sat in the bathroom and bounced on the ball while timing contractions. During a contraction I knew it was labor as they were just way to intense to be Braxton hicks. But then between I’d second guess myself lol. AT 1:48 I texted the midwife to give her a heads up. Told her I wasn’t quite ready for her to come, but to let her know she might be called in a bit. She was 1.5 hours from us so I didn’t want to wait as long as I usually do to contact the midwife. She would have missed my other births lol. 10 minutes later I texted again. I had noticed that when I moved it would bring them on sooner, but they lasted a bit less time. At 2:22 I texted that I was pretty sure this was it and she headed my way.
At that point the contractions were between 3 and 3.5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute. It stayed that exact consistency until the midwives arrived and I stopped timing them. The back labor was pretty awful to be honest. Made this labor a bit harder than my others. The only halfway comfortable position I could find was on the birthing ball, and during a contraction I could hold onto our sink (it’s a vessel sink so stands up off the counter) So I stayed there for most of my labor. The midwives arrived right at 4:00. They checked my blood pressure, temp, and babies heart rate, then started quietly setting up. My daughter that wanted to help with the birth had woke on her own at 3:00 and was SO excited. She was adorable. She sat and quietly journaled the process for awhile and was pretty hands on. She loved every second of it.Once they were set up she asked if I wanted to be checked or just labor, and I asked to be checked. I still had that nagging worry it might not be the real thing (obviously this was not mid contraction as there was not really any doubt then lol). I was at a 5.5- could be stretched to a 6. That was at 4:30ish. After that I moved back to the birthing ball in the bathroom and stayed there. At around 5:00 I started feeling a bit pushy and my water broke. There was meconium in the water, but not a lot. I sat there and breathed through them for the next 30 minutes trying not to push. With my oldest I got pushy at around a 7 and had swelling. I’ve been worried about that at every birth since so I asked to be checked as I was not able to stop the pushing anymore. So she checked me at around 5:30 and I was pretty much complete. A slight lip, but not much. I started pushing a bit as needed with each contraction after that. Pushing helped with the back pain some thankfully, but there was no real break between contractions at that point. It was different from my past 2 births. With them I might have had 2 pushes and they were born. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed it felt like. It was only about 45 minutes but felt like an eternity. They had me stand for a few contractions, lay on my left side a bit, etc.. to try and shift him. He was still posterior and not wanting to descend. He couldn’t quite get close enough to the lip on my cervix to push past. I started almost passing out during pushes at that stage. They offered me oxygen, but I usually felt better between contractions with deep breathing so I declined. They did ask me to eat some honey though. She had given me some other oils and such during labor. No clue what all they were lol. After 45 minutes she asked if I wanted her to help hold the lip out of the way during a contraction and I said yes. Anything that would help lol. It wasn’t super pleasant, but during that contraction he slipped past and crowned, and the head was pushed out. Man. That was crazy intense. It hurt so stinking bad. The head was out and the shoulders weren’t budging. She ended up having to put her fingers under his shoulders and rotate him. Pushing through that contraction and while NOT contracting made that process much more intense than my last birth. But it worked. The next resort would have been hands and knees, but I was scared to do that in case 100% necessary since I kept getting fainty. It was such a relief to have him put on my chest and be DONE.. It took about a minute of rubbing him and talking to get him going, but then he was good to go.
The student midwife said she was willing to bet his shoulders were at least .5” bigger than his head. Turns out she was right. Almost an inch bigger. All that though and no tearing whatsoever. I was worried with how fast he descended and then got stuck, but thankfully none.
It took about 30 minutes before the placenta was ready to be delivered. A bit longer than my other births. Then my middle daughter cut the cord and my husband did skin to skin with the baby. She gave me something to slow the bleeding as I was bleeding fairly heavily, but it worked right away.
He was born at 6:16, July 7th. Weighed 9lbs even and was 21” long. He’s been just perfect. They checked him out, even checked for tongue and lip ties which I appreciated, and after they got the 3 readings from me they require before leaving they headed out. First they did all the laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and offered to make me breakfast.
That first day my back still hurt a bit and my bottom area feels like it is one massive bruise. But today, the day after I’m feeling much better. Still tender, but good otherwise. Very thankful to have that done, and praying I never have another posterior baby lol.